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Interface Clinical Research, a division of Interface Clinical Services, has established a new model to provide pharma companies and CROs with an efficient service to recruit and run phase III and IV primary care, clinical trials.

Delivered through their clinical pharmacist team, Interface apply their experience of running patient clinics in primary care to achieve improved acquisition, productivity and retention within the clinical research market.

Interface work with CROs and pharma companies to manage clinical trials from initial feasibility through to the provision of data; this includes:

Recruitment - Interface partners with thousands of GP practices across the UK, many of which are keen to participate in clinical research studies.
Enrolment and randomisation – This is carried out by Interface’s experienced research team.
The running of the clinical trial - Patients visit their local GP practice where they are seen by an Interface Good Clinical Practice (GCP) trained clinical investigator
Patient management and retention – Interface has a specialised team which interacts with the patient on all aspects of the study and includes an ongoing retention programme.
Data collection – Dealing with patient data is a core function of Interface's business, enhanced through personnel profiling, training and rigorous policies and procedures.

With access to almost 3,500 potential sites each year, Interface Clinical Research is in a position to quickly meet clients’ needs and identify suitable locations to deliver the required patient groups.

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Case Study

Rescue Study

Interface supported the recruitment, management and delivery of a primary care respiratory study through:
New sites
• Stratifying every UK GP practice according to prescribing and patient profiling to establish which practices would be the most eligible sites.
• Rapidly recruiting the most appropriate practices.
• At each site putting in place the Interface team to manage the recruitment and running of the trial.
Existing sites
• Conducting additional patient identification and screening at the sites already participating in the study, increasing three fold the number of eligible patients over practice assessment.
• Putting in place an Interface clinical team to manage the recruitment and running of the trial at each site.
This resulted in:
•  The recruitment of the additional 380 patients required within 7 weeks. 
• Lower screen fail rates due to improved search criteria and better interpretation of data.
• More patients seen per each clinic due to smarter clinic scheduling, anticipation of non-attendance rates and the running of two clinics per day per site in parallel.

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