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As a division of Interface Clinical Services, the leading independent provider of primary care clinical services in the UK, Interface Clinical Research has the experience and personnel to successfully source sites to meet recruitment needs and ensure patient retention targets are achieved. 

About us

Interface Clinical Research has exposure to 41% of the UK population and experience working with some of the largest healthcare companies in the world, with Interface currently contracted to 7 of the top 20 global pharmaceutical companies as well as partnering directly with the NHS.

With access to almost 3,500 potential sites each year, Interface are in a position to quickly meet clients’ needs and identify suitable locations to deliver the required patient groups. Working closely with practices, Interface support the Principle Investigator (PI) to ensure that all patients fulfil the protocol criteria and are successfully managed throughout.

As the NHS evolves, primary care is becoming an increasingly valuable market for clinical trials and as GP practices increase in size and sophistication managing the health and well-being of more complex patients, the opportunities to reach thousands of patients efficiently will become even more significant.  Interface Clinical Research already work with substantial sites across the UK to provide recruitment solutions; these include:

     • Over 28,000 in Somerset
     • Over 32,000 in Cornwall
     • Over 35,000 in Leicestershire
     • Over 64,000 in the West Midlands
With a team of over 75 Good Clinical Practice (GCP) trained pharmacists and a dedicated head office support team, Interface Clinical Research are uniquely placed to deliver the effective recruitment and running of clinical trials. From database screening through to direct patient support services, Interface apply their un-paralleled experience in GP clinical systems and the primary care environment to deliver successful outcomes in clinical trials and drug development within the UK market.



About Us

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