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ICS poster awarded category winner at the RCGP Annual Conference

Interface Clinical Services presented a poster at the Royal College of GP (RCGP) conference which was awarded best in category.  The poster was submitted in the clinical category and shows how medicine reviews of 135,000 atrial fibrillation patients saved hundreds of lives and saved millions of pounds. 

The review was carried out by clinical pharmacists from Interface Clinical Services in conjunction with GPs from over 1,000 GP practices across the UK. 

Dr John Wearne, a GP from Cheshire who took part in the review commented “This exercise has been hugely beneficial to patients at our practice. The Interface pharmacist analysed the data and identified the patients that we should review together. I found their input invaluable as we would never have had the time or resources to undertake a review of such complexity which ultimately has such a significant effect for our patients. The industry support which made this possible is the type of industry partnership which really is beneficial in delivering high class, patient centric care.”

AF is one of the most common forms of abnormal heart rhythm and a major cause of stroke. The abnormal rhythm prevents the heart from pumping effectively allowing blood to pool in the upper chambers called the atria. This pooling can result in the formation of a clot which can break loose and cause a stroke.

The poster can be seen here:


The full article can be viewed here
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