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Interface Clinical Research conducts feasibility studies for multiple CROs in days

Interface Clinical Research who launched in January this year has been able to provide detailed feasibility studies for several major CROs in a few days. Offering a new model for running primary care trials, Interface works in partnership with GP practices across the UK to deliver large numbers of suitable patients for phase III and IV clinical trials.

As a result of its partnership with thousands of UK GP practices, and its unique IT capabilities, Interface is able to very quickly identify potential suitable patient populations in great detail. The feasibility studies which Interface has carried out for free included studies in cardiology, gout, G.I disorders, and dermatology.

The great benefit of the Interface model is that many GP practices want to be involved in clinical research but don’t have the time. The GP practice can provide the principal investigator, the premises, and oversee the trial process without additional workload.

Interface handles the recruitment, randomisation, the investigators to run the trial, patient retention and responsibility for the data hand over to the sponsor. Interface has already identified over 40 GP practices and larger health care organisations that are very keen to become involved in running clinical trials.

This new model offers considerable advantages over traditional ways of recruiting and running trials, using dedicated research centres and individual GPs. The fixed cost of the dedicated research centre is becoming a barrier to offering a competitive service, particularly as they have limited access to large patient databases. The individual GP model has always been inefficient, with 50% of the GPs finding one patient or less, at a cost of over $50,000 per GP for recruitment and training costs. On average, GPs typically only recruit five patients per trial.

Mike Drakard CEO of Interface Clinical Research commented, “We are very pleased to be working with the CROs on feasibility studies to demonstrate our impressive patient recruitment capabilities. To prove how effective we are at finding patients we are initially not charging for this service.”

Interface Clinical Research is a division of Interface Clinical Services, the leading independent provider of primary care clinical services in the UK. It has worked in over 3,000 primary care practices, covering more than 41% of the UK population. Interface already has extensive experience in the recruitment and running of hundreds of clinics at GP practices across the UK, on behalf of both pharma companies and the NHS.

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